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Quiz for today: What is a tree?


Okay, we'll save you the brain freeze. Here's a dictionary definition:

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Definition: tree: noun \ ‘tre \

a : a woody perennial plant having a single, usually elongated, main stem generally with few or no branches on its lower part

b : a shrub or herb of arborescent form

(Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Some people just love trees; others couldn’t care less about them. If you like trees or even think that trees are just okay, you are invited to visit our site to learn more about them.

Although most of the trees we see in our daily lives look pretty ordinary, try one day in the future to visit an actual forest. You will be amazed by their grandeur.

If you watch them and listen carefully they will talk to you in their own way. They will make you feel small, but in a good way.

Because most of us don’t live in actual forests we don’t appreciate how trees grow naturally and how they can actually become completely self-sustaining. The trees growing in the “urban forest” surrounded by concrete and asphalt are the ones that need our help.

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